Vandals Flood Church With Water….

January 10, 2012 – A church is facing some costly repairs from flooding in it’s youth center but it wasn’t rain doing the damage.

Police suspect vandals, and it’s not the first time.

Three break-ins over the past year. Ed Downs is the pastor at First Baptist Church in New Iberia.

“They broke in and got $25 out of our children’s program offering.” Downs says, “they give (that money) to missionaries.”

$25 is all the thieves made off with the first two times. This week, another break-in but they didn’t take money.

“They broke into our youth refuge center and when they broke in, they found no money.” Downs says, “but (they) did vandalism.”

The church’s Youth Director, Jennifer Shores says she woke up Monday morning to find the youth center overflowing with water.
A broken window with a water-hose going through it. Left on overnight, the water reached nine-inches in the youth center.

“We’re here to serve our community, we’re here to serve God and we’ll continue to do that no matter what.” Shores says, “this is just a stone in the road and we just need to jump over that and keep going.”

Police don’t have any suspects but Shores is praying for these break-ins to come to an end. After all, it’s hurting the children the most.

“We love our children no matter what, we love the people no matter what.” Shores says, “we just keep going.”