Training & Seminars

Safety and Security Training

Training has long been an issue for organizations that exist in the nonprofit sector. Time and expense are the main issues that consistently surface in any discussion of nonprofit training needs, and time and expense impact smaller churches the same as a larger mega-churches.

A training needs assessment will ensure that training exercises are focused and appropriate. Certainly training cannot be done for the sake of training; that is a luxury that no organization can really afford, especially the nonprofit. Sometimes issues are perceived as training problems when they are not. Agencies do not have the expertise to conduct in-depth needs analysis to determine what the real training issues are, or the money to hire someone to conduct an individual analysis. Until specific training needs are isolated, it will be business as usual and no value-added changes in performance will occur.

Church Security 360, LLC offers assessments that will clearly identify training deficiencies and where additional training is required. Training is one of the most vital steps is being “proactive” in any organization’s safety and security program. During any emergency, your employees must know immediately what action is required of them. Any hesitation can result in the loss of life, injury or property damage. Do your employees know what to do in the event of an Active Shooter incident? Do they know where to shelter-in-place in the event of a natural disaster or what action to take during a fire or bomb threat?

If not, you can’t afford not to call us today! Our consultants have been responsible for overseeing the security of American Embassies around the world! Let our expert team prepare your employees for the “Unexpected”!

Safety and Security Seminars

  • Safety Supervision Course
  • Preschool & Children’s Ministry Safety & Security
  • Worship Center Safety & Security
  • Introduction to OSHA
  • OSHA “A to Z” – What You Need To Know
  • Employee OSHA Safety Compliance Training
  • Understanding Physical Security
  • Importance of Access Control
  • How to Design a Volunteer Safety Team
  • Emergency Action Plans Design
  • Blood-borne Pathogen Training
  • Individual Protective Measures
  • How to Prevent Identify Theft (Individual)
  • How to Prevent Identify Theft (Church)
  • Surviving a Hostage Situation
  • International Safety Travel
  • How to Train Your Volunteer Safety Team
  • Fire Prevention
  • Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Short-term Mission Training
  • Bomb Threat Planning & Prevention
  • Bomb Threat Training – Response Team
  • Crisis Management Training
  • Disaster Response Team Training
  • Disaster Planning & Mitigation
  • Disaster Recovery Plan – Design
  • Senior Citizen Protection Against Fraud
  • How to Prepare For OSHA Safety Audit
  • Importance of a Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment
  • Employee Emergency Evacuation Manual
  • Understanding Church Liability
  • Understanding Which OSHA Certified Federal Regulations Apply to The Church
  • Planning, Prevention and Mitigation of an Active Shooter Situation
  • Use of Force
  • Facility Security Design
  • Conducting Proper Investigation
  • Proper Incident Reporting
  • Street Crime Awareness
  • Executive Protection
  • Emergency Communications
  • Target Hardening
  • Reality of Threat Assessment and Response
  • Basic Steps for Protecting Faith-based Organizations
  • Assets Protection Within The Church
  • Security Force Management
  • Prevention of Violence in the Workplace
  • Pepper Spray and Taser Training
  • First Response Training
  • Fire Evacuation Wardens – Design/Training
  • Understanding Liability
  • Child Abuse Prevention Training
  • Premises Liability
  • Understanding Foreseeability
  • Rape Prevention
  • What Every Parent Needs To Teach His/Her Child About Safety
  • Don’t Become A Victim – Individual Protective Measures
  • First Aid, AED & CPR Training
  • Usher/Greeters Security Training
  • Protecting Your Child Against Pedophile
  • Protection Against Senior Citizen Scams
  • OSHA Sub-part “E” – Church Responsibilities
  • Incident Response Security Training
  • How to Design Security Procedures Manual
  • How To Design Fire Prevention Manual
  • Risk Management In The Church
  • Home Security Design and Training


OSHA Safety Compliance Training

The US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Heath Administration (OSHA) requires that all organizations employing 11 or more employees conduct and document annual OSHA Safety Training. This annual training covers such topics as Employee Emergency Evacuation Procedures, Bomb Threat Procedures, Blood-borne Pathogen Procedures, Emergency Communications, Emergency Action Plans and more.

Our safety and security experts can train and certify your employees annually to meet not only OSHA safety training requirements, but your individual on-site security and safety training objectives as well. Call us today and let us help you to get and stay in compliance with OSHA, and more importantly, make your organization a safe and healthy environment for your employees.


Pastoral Executive Protection

The objectives our Executive Protection Training include the preparation of personal protection specialists to perform their roles with the most contemporary knowledge and resources available, to assist each team member to be capable of dealing with threats against and actual attacks upon those they are responsible for safeguarding, and to inform every participant about their own particular strengths and weaknesses in a variety of skill and knowledge dimensions.

Between January 2008 and September 2009, there have been 18 shooting deaths of pastors throughout the United States. What in the world is going on? As the church approaches the second coming of our Lord, we are instructed in His word that not only will the church face an increase in spiritual persecution but an increase in physical persecution as well. Is your pastor at risk? Does he speak out against abortion, gay-rights, same sex marriages? Maybe it’s time to start thinking about Pastoral Executive Protection. You have a obligation to protect your pastor. Give us a call today and let CS360 help you protect one of your greatest assets, your pastor.