Watchman Security & Safety Consulting Ministries is now Church Security 360 Degrees, L.L.C. (CS360) is a full-service independent security, safety consulting and design firm specializing in helping churches and faith-based organizations assess and address their security, safety, and facilities requirements.  CS360 has the experience of creating security programs from A to Z in major mega churches throughout North America.

We proudly offer a large array of services, the following is an abbreviated list of common services requests:

– OSHA Safety Compliance Assessment;

– Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment (TVR), – Security Assessment;

– Evaluation, Auditing of Existing Security Programs, Procedures, Methods;

– Development of Overall Security Management Programs;

– Security Awareness Training for Employees and Church Volunteers;

– Security Policies and Procedures Development;

– Workplace Violence Prevention Policy;

– Executive Protection Training;

– Volunteer Security Officer Training;

– Security Awareness Seminars;

– Physical Security Consulting;

– Emergency Action Plans for:

*Children’s & Student Ministry, Emergency  Procedures Handbook;

*Employee Emergency Procedures Handbook;

*Facilities Emergency Shutdown Procedures;

– OSHA Annual Employee Safety Compliance Training;

– Designing & Training of  a Volunteer Safety & Security Program;

– Access & Control Designing;

-Business Continuity Planning;

-Blood Borne Pathogen Prevention Control Plan;

-Access Control & Closed Circuit Television Design;