Services Provided


Church Security 360 Degrees, L.L.C., is a full-service independent security and safety consulting and design firm specializing in helping churches and faith-based organizations assess and address their security, safety, and facilities requirements.   Church Security 360 Degrees, L.L.C., has had the experience of creating security programs from “A to Z” in churches throughout North America.

We proudly offer a large array of services; the following is an abbreviated list of common services requests:

– OSHA Life Safety Systems Evaluation Audit;

– Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment;

– Evaluation, Auditing of Existing Security Programs, Procedures, Methods;

– Development of Overall Security Management Programs;

– Security Awareness Training for Employees and Volunteers;

– Policies and Procedures Development;

– Workplace Violence Prevention;

– Executive Protection Training;

– Volunteer Security Officer Training;

– Security Awareness Seminars;

– Physical Security Consulting;

– Emergency Action Plans for:

* Children’s &  Student Ministry  Emergency Procedures Handbook;

* Employee Emergency Procedures Handbook;

* Facilities Management Emergency Shutdown Procedures;

–  OSHA Annual Employee Safety Compliance Training;

– Designing of Volunteer Security Program;

– Access & Control Designing;

– Business Continuity Planning;

– Blood-borne Pathogen Prevention Control Plan;

– Access Control & Closed Circuit Television Design;

Manuals and Handbooks

The following is a general list of types of manuals and handbooks that can be designed to meet site specific requirements and regulations (not all inclusive):

  • Employee Policy Handbook (meeting federal and state labor laws);
  • Employee Resource Forms;
  • Employee Emergency Procedures Handbook (site specific, meeting OSHA and state regulations);
  • Preschool/Children’s & Student Ministry Emergency Procedures Handbook (site specific);
  • Site-specific safety & security reporting forms;
  • Child and Student Abuse Prevention Handbook;
  • Fire Prevention Handbook;
  • Accident Reporting & Investigation Handbook;
  • Blood-borne Pathogen Prevention Control Plan – includes OSHA required control forms;
  • Teachers Handbook;
  • Risk Management Handbook – Campus-wide;
  • Fire Warden’s Handbook;
  • Security Department – Safety & Security General Orders and Directives (site-specific);
  • Children’s & Student Ministry  Volunteer Standard Operating Procedures Handbook – Site-specific;
  • Emergency Evacuation Floor Maps;
  • Reception Security Handbook;
  • Bomb Threat Checklist/ Forms;
  • Volunteer Safety & Security Training Handbook;
  • Short-term Mission Director Handbook;
  • Short-term Mission Team Leader’s Handbook/Forms;
  • Short-term Mission Team Member’s Handbook/Forms;
  • Business Continuity Manual, etc.