$50K stolen from Community Bible Church….

February 2011: The Community Bible Church located in Mira Mesa, California was the recent victim of burglary of more than $50,000 in church offerings and around $20,00o in computers and audio visual sound equipment according to police.  It is believe that the thieves gained entranced into church office by  shattering the glass doors.  No suspects have been taken into custody. Question:  Did Community Bible Church have an alarm system installed being monitored by a central station?  Was the church offering secured in a safe, bolted to the ground, locked inside a secure alarm room?  If not, why not?  Did Community Bible Church know the Threat, Vulnerability and Risk facing their church?  Was a Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment ever conducted of the church?  Has your church conducted a TVR Assessment?  Call us today to setup your TVR Assessment!