Mother arrested and charged with child abduction on a 1 year old

A 1-year-old girl who had been abducted from a church located in East Hartford,  has been found safe and her mother has been arrested and charged with child abduction.  Police discovered the mother and child on the beach boardwalk in West Haven.

The child was abducted by the mother during a church function on Sunday after her  grandmother, who is her foster parent, was attending a church function.  According to the Police report, the mother abducted the infant girl after she took the girl to change her diaper.

Question:  Does your church have a policy that states that if the custody of a child changes that the custodian of the child notify the church of the change of custody within 24 hours?  This would prevent unauthorized access to the child or prevent the child from being released to the custody of the wrong legal guardian. What type of security policies and procedures do you have in place for the protection of the children within your church organization?  Who designed them and are they comprehensive?  Are all volunteers required to attend a training session and sign-off on your polices prior to being allowed access to children?  Call Watchman Security Consulting Ministry today to get started on the designing of comprehensive site-specific policies and procedures today!