Fort Myers Church burglarized two days in a row.

NORTH FORT MYERS, Fla. – A North Fort Myers church is burglarized twice in the same week. One night, a boy scout trailer full of supplies was targeted. The next, copper from the church’s a-c unit, is stolen. Two air conditioners were stripped Tuesday night. The same thing happened to three of their air conditioners in January.

Thieves stole upwards of a thousand dollars worth of cast-iron cookware, food and camping gear from the trailers.  There have been no arrests.

Liberty Baptist and Westmoreland Baptist churches targeted by thieves

CHARLOTTE – Thieves targeted Liberty Baptist and Westmoreland Baptist churches. Police report that the power and phone lines were cut in both cases. No arrests have been made.

Burglar uses church equipment to view porn

An Ames, Iowa man has been charged with second-degree after breaking into  a church where he allegedly used the  churches electronic equipment to watch pornography. Police allege the 55-year-old man broke into the First Christian Church on Thursday.

Police was summoned to the church Friday by staff, who discovered the man trying to haul away a garbage can filled with food, kitchen utensils, clothes, electronic equipment and a 26-inch flat-screen television.

Police report that the man used church electronic equipment to watch pornographic movies that were found on him when he was arrested.

Mt Pleasant’s New Church Burglarized

The new First Baptist Church on TX-49 was burglarized. Surveillance video at the facility was aired TV o in Tyler, Texas which led to the identity of a suspect. The suspect was Anthony Dwayne Cameron, 35, of Pittsburg. Cameron was arrested in Brownsboro.

Decatur church robbed 4 times…

A Decatur church has been the victim of burglars four times in the last four weeks.

The Episcopal Church of the Holy Cross on South Columbia Pace sound system was stolen in the latest break-in. TVs, printers, computers and speakers have been taken in previous break-ins.

The thieves also stole two microwaves and emptied barrels of food donations according to officials.

The church’s security system had been turned off at the time due to construction workers were working on a part of the church. b

Church burglar sentenced to 5 years in prision

Brandon Griffin-26 years old was sentenced today to serve 5 years in prison for the burglary of the Dongola Church of Christ located in Dongola, Ill.

In addition, Brandon Griffini will have to register as a sex offender upon his release from prison for an unrelated charge of Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse.

Eight County churches hit in Hernando by burglars since November

At least eight churches in Hernando County have been hit by burglars since November 2009,  law enforcement officials have been asking residents for help in finding those responsible.  Similar burglaries have taken place in Citrus, Alachua, Lake, Levy, Marion and Sumter counties.

Authorities and church officials said the offenses have occurred mostly at night, generally late Sunday night or early Monday morning after offerings from earlier services have been locked way. In most of the cases, burglars have rummaged through the offices looking for money.   Click on this link to view video:

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