Two men charged with church thefts in Georgia…

March 18, 2011 -Kingsland Georgia police have charged two men with burglarizing three churches in two days.

Edward Stanley Gilbert, 20, and Lloyd Odis Sams, 19, both of Kingsland, each face three counts of felony burglary, said Lt. Todd Tetterton, police department spokesman.
When arrested, the suspects had been free on bail on charges stemming from another theft case, Tetterton said.

Both remained in custody at the Camden County jail on Thursday.

Gilbert and Sams are charged with stealing a variety of items including canned food, prepackaged juice drinks, hot chocolate mix, a portable clock radio and a small lock box-style safe after breaking into churches.

Kingsland patrol officers on duty in the area developed information Wednesday that led detective Brian Aligood to identify Gilbert and Sams as possible suspects in the break-ins. Aligood subsequently interviewed the men at their home.

After arresting the men, Aligood recovered several items including a lock box, radio and a cart the owners identified as items taken from the churches, Tetterton said.

$50K stolen from Community Bible Church….

February 2011: The Community Bible Church located in Mira Mesa, California was the recent victim of burglary of more than $50,000 in church offerings and around $20,00o in computers and audio visual sound equipment according to police.  It is believe that the thieves gained entranced into church office by  shattering the glass doors.  No suspects have been taken into custody. Question:  Did Community Bible Church have an alarm system installed being monitored by a central station?  Was the church offering secured in a safe, bolted to the ground, locked inside a secure alarm room?  If not, why not?  Did Community Bible Church know the Threat, Vulnerability and Risk facing their church?  Was a Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment ever conducted of the church?  Has your church conducted a TVR Assessment?  Call us today to setup your TVR Assessment!

7 churches burglarized in 7 days in Springfield

November 22, 2010 –

SPRINGFIELD — Springfield police says burglars have struck seven churches in seven days.

KVAL-TV reported police learned Saturday of the seventh such break-in. It happened at First Baptist Church and was the second time in a week that thieves hit that particular church.

Springfield Police spokesman Russ Boring said thieves are targeting churches in the early-morning hours. He said they force their way in, and take money and small electronics equipment.

“It’s surprising because usually the churches are the places that help the homeless and people that need help,” said Boring. “Usually if someone needs something, the church works very hard to get them the basics.”

First Church of the Nazarene and Twin Rivers Baptist Church have also been hit.

Youth counselor accused of burglarizing church

Deputies say a 19-year-old youth counselor broke into and stole money from his Port Charlotte church on September 6.

Jeremy Scott Walker, 19, was arrested Monday and charged with Burglary and Grand Theft.

According to a sheriff’s report, deputies on September 6 found the rear door of Palm Tabernacle Ministries at 390 Flamingo Blvd. in Port Charlotte open after receiving a call about a burglary at the church.

Once inside, deputies spotted a broken administrator’s door and filing cabinet that had been forced open in order to get a key to the church’s safe.

Deputies say the safe contained cash and checks which were stolen.

Investigators reportedly found fingerprints on a cash envelope in the safe and on a couch nearby.

When deputies reviewed surveillance footage from a church security camera, they spotted a white male wearing what appeared to be a mask and baggy T-shirt.

The church administrator and pastor told detectives the man in the video resembled Walker, a Port Charlotte High School student.

On September 8, Crime Scene technicians matched the fingerprints to Walker, the report said.

Detectives say the money was taken to purchase drugs.

Walker was arrested and then taken the Charlotte County Jail.

Two women steal Sacramento County church’s Easter offerings….

April 5, 2010 – SACRAMENTO, CALIF. — Authorities say two women stole thousands of dollars from collection plates at an Easter church service in Sacramento.

The alleged theft took place around 11:20 a.m. Sunday. The Church of the Nazarene on Arden Way was packed for the Easter sermon.

The women were allegedly spotted in a church office but were gone before church officials were able to verify their identities. They allegedly took between $10,000 and $20,000. No arrests have been made.

Church burglary suspect arrested

Church Burglary Suspect

The arrest of a Laurel man in Louisiana has produced a suspect in approximately 30 church burglaries in Mississippi, including four recent ones in Lincoln and Franklin counties, authorities said Thursday.

Morris confessed to over 30 different church burglaries in Mississippi.

man Man arrested while allegedly fleeing church burglary

Johnathan Peter Contreras, 23

Johnathan Peter Contreras, 23, was charged with burglary, vandalism of more than $500 and theft of more than $500 from the Temple Baptist Church in Kingsport on March 26, 2010.

Police arrested Contreras as he was trying to flee the scene of a church burglary.

Portion of Norfolk church destroyed by arson…

Police believe that the fire that ripped through a 197-year-old listed South Norfolk church was the victim of  arsonists.  The fire last night causing considerable damage to the Carleton Rode Baptist Church.  The church school room and store room were reported to be affected the worst.
Firefighters believe the blaze, which began just after 10pm, was started by burglars who set alight to the church after ransacking the building.  No arrest or suspects reported.

Police: Thieves burglarize, vandalize Channelview church

CHANNELVIEW, Texas—Police are searching for thieves that continuously target a church in Channelview.

Recently, thieves broke into the Old River Terrace United Methodist Church and took several items, including a $500 projector.
The church has been hit several times over the last year, with the crooks breaking windows, leaving graffiti and causing thousands of dollars in damage.
“It makes me mad. Makes me want to come down here and start sleeping on the couch in this office with a baseball bat,  just dare them to come in and break in on me,” said Steven Mueller, usher.

Other items stolen from the church were a preschool van, a Boy Scout trailer and an empty safe.

North Charleston pair accused of church burglaries

Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office have

Burglary Suspects

arrested two suspects and charged them with a series of church burglaries.

The Sheriff’s Office said Andrew Dayne Pippin, 21, and Jamie Fay Laidlaw, 23, both of North Charleston are each charged with six counts of burglary in connection with five church burglaries and one burglary at a home.

The Sheriff’s Office sais they suspect the two of more burglaries throughout the Lowcountry.

Several other law enforcement agencies are investigating the two suspects and authorities say the total number of burglaries attributed to them could be much higher.

Both suspects are scheduled for a hearing in bond court Thursday at 7PM.

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