Pastor found dead inside his church….

March 4, 2010 –

A ‘gentle’ minister was discovered dead inside his own Texas church after a passer-by looked through a window and spotted a body on the floor.

Pastor Clint Dobson, 29, was found inside NorthPointe Baptist Church in Arlington on Thursday afternoon, alongside his critically-injured ministry assistant Judy Elliott, 67.

Police believe a motive of robbery may have been behind the physical assaults, as some items were missing from the church. But there was no sign of forced entry.

The alarm was raised after a church employee’s family member became worried when they could not contact them and asked a friend to go and check on the building.

Their friend passed by, finding the church locked, and peered through different windows before seeing a motionless body and phoning police, who arrived soon after.

Another church employee gave emergency services a key to get inside. Ms Elliott was found severely beaten but is now in a stable condition in a Fort Worth hospital.

Pastor Dobson 29 years-of-age

Judy Elliot 67-years-of-age