Man gets 10 years in prison for driving van with pipe bomb into church

Mar 5, 2011 – NEWARK — A man who drove a van with a pipe bomb into a Licking Township church was sentenced Friday to 10 years in prison.

Dax W. Cantrell, 36 drove a 1988 Ford Econoline van into Vineyard Grace Fellowship Church, 4905 Jacksontown Road SE, with a functional pipe bomb inside the vehicle.

Cantrell was driving away from a Licking County Sheriff’s Office deputy who attempted to serve him with child support papers at Budget Inn, 176 W. Church St., Newark. He drove into her vehicle before fleeing the scene and crashing into the church, causing $5,670 in damage.

Cantrell told deputies a bomb was in the van. Deputies found a 12-inch PVC pipe filled with black powder and other items, and they called the Columbus Bomb Squad.

Dax W. Cantrell

The squad detonated the device in the van after discovering they could not remove it safely, according to court records.