Church Security 360 Degrees, LLC (CS360), formerly known as Watchman Security and Safety Consulting Ministries, is an independent safety and security consultant company whose emphasis is on faith-based organizations. CS360  provides competent professional safety and security consultants. The company’s emphasis is on safe guarding persons, assets and property, emergency disaster planning, and disaster business recovery and continuity.

If you are aiming to achieve an effective comprehensive safety and security management program, then CS360 is your answer.  As an independent consultant company, we provide you with objective security and safety consulting and support. Your interest and needs are our only interest!

CS360 evaluates your security and safety through a personal Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment. This assessment reviews your policies and procedures to identify vulnerabilities and risk. In addition, the assessment is conducted through personal on-site inspection utilizing a variety of proprietary checklists. We learn your organization’s safety and security goals and objectives and then develop a strategy to eliminate vulnerabilities and risks we discover along the way.

Our strategic plan will allow you, the customer, the independence of freedom of choice. Our strategic plan helps you evolve and tailor your program. Your policies and procedures will not overburden your organization but will meet your desired goals, objectives and budget.

CS360 will assist your organization in designing an effective and efficient security and safety program,which is accomplished through a practical response to safety and security problems.

CS360 solutions help you not only reduce the risk of accidents and minimize the impact of unavoidable disasters, but also craft a plan for how to return to normal as quickly as possible.

Our security and safety expert services are geared to the church’s unique culture, needs, risks, threats, vulnerabilities, history, values, mission and budget. We remain available to our clients on an ongoing basis to provide support and answers to questions as they arise.

Rodney Pires, President & CEO of Church Security 360, LLC, has over 35 years of national and international security and safety management and consulting leadership as well as security and safety training.  He brings a unique depth of experience and qualifications to our service. We understand the realities and priorities of churches.

Rod is the Founder of the Church Security Round Table, which has become the most-attended event on security and safety management in the Atlanta, Georgia area.